Week 4 – Reflections

In my school career I was diagnosed with Dyslexia (early 70s – age 10). As a result I was sent to boarding school to provide me with more personal attention. I lovingly used to tease my dear mother that she abandoned me to boarding school. I still love and miss her dearly. As a result of the diagnosis I was at extra English lessons 3 times a week. This continued into my second last year at school for 6 years (thanks mom and dad for incurring this additional expense for me). The prognosis was that I would never attend University, and a view my parents held privately and never shared with me or my 4 siblings.

The following are some of the events and decisions which occurred in the last 2 years of my schooling and the eventual outcome.

2nd last year at school.

  • Early in the year I decided I wanted to go to University. The problem was my grades in English and the other learning subjects – accounting and biology. English – the challenge was learning to quote Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the Mayor of Casterbridge by Hardy, and to be able to understand and argue a point of view.
  • A personal encounter with my saviour Jesus Christ – March of the year.
  • An English teacher writing on an essay “there is no hope for you”.
  • The notion of just wanting to attend University changed to a desire and purpose I was determined to achieve. I think this occurred in April of the year, the Easter holidays.
  • As a result of this decision I started making various sacrifices such as studying on Saturday nights when my fellow boarding school mates went to movies. Reading study guides on Macbeth and my learning subjects during the holidays, a discipline for nearly 18 months.

Last year at school.

  • Much the same no holidays, reading study guides on Macbeth.
  • Worked through past papers for all subjects.
  • Clear plan of action.
  • Few movie nights.
  • Waking up earlier that my boarding school peers, 5H00. To get more time to revise.

The outcome.

Yes! I did get to university and I did get a degree and eventually a second degree. The reason for my reflection was a definite decision, demanding of myself persistent, continuous action towards its attainment and that I persistently held the object of my desire in my mind and the eventual expression of its attainment.

The reason for the reflection and sharing is proof that I have already applied what I am learning successfully – Encouraging myself.


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