Week 6 – Is love a feeling or a choice?

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.” “And most of all I will love myself”. Og Mandino.

og-mandino-quotes-1It has been a great week and every time I read these words it is as if I have a flash back of many short movies playing in my subconscious. The same happened on the Sunday webinar when Mark instructed us to add the statement “I love you” to the bottom of the “Guy in the mirror”. These movies are replays of an exercise I was exposed to some years ago, where I would stand in front of a mirror, look myself in the eye and say “I love you Lance”, about ten times and mean it. I have over the years challenged a number of friends to do this exercise. It has a profound effect, “Try it.”

A further contributor to these flashback movies is a lesson I learnt about love from the book and movie Fire Proof. The lesson is download“Love is a choice and not a feeling” and when I started making this choice in my marriage, it was as if my marriage moved into another gear / realm / level / trajectory / zone (I was going to say steroids, but I don’t think this would be correct) where the focus moved from me to my wife and children. The result (not immediate) – a deep sense of peace, gratitude and unconditional love in return and this year, on 17 November, I celebrate 30 years of marriage to my first, best and only wife. I thank my Creator that I have such a wonderful wife, friend, companion and lover in my life.

So with these backdrops I have come through week 6 and the question is “how has it been?” Not without some challenges, however I have met some amazing people (a number who have freely volunteered to be available to assist me in my journey) and the words of Napoleon Hill keep resonating through my mind “I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others.” I don’t know where this journey may lead me, but one thing I am starting to realise is that I am not the same person I was 6 weeks ago and I will stick to this process tenaciously – because I have a “Definite Chief Aim”.

General.404Self-Pity keeps knocking at the gate to come back in, but the watchman is keeping him out and telling him to find another place of abode as he is not welcome here ever again.

The question is “Is the butterfly starting to emerge?”


6 thoughts on “Week 6 – Is love a feeling or a choice?

  1. I really enjoyed your post 🙂 As we read these every week it is a special honor to get a peek inside each others lives. I too have done the mirror assignment in the past. We are to love others as ourselves; I think that implies we are to love ourselves. Congratulations on 30 years together! My husband’s name is Lance also and we were married 30 years last July 28th. It seems as we grow older together we are truly understanding what love is as our rough edges are getting smoothed & rounded.

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  2. Lance Great post really enjoy reading, I have never done reading the Guy/Gal read in the mirror before, it is great feel to say you love yourself, the movie trailers that go through your head. Congratulations for 30 years of marriage.


  3. Lance,

    I greatly appreciated your last posting. I am yet another who has enjoyed 30 plus years with the same wonderful person. I can say that she has always been a better friend to me than I have deserved at times, sometimes it takes a little history and learning together with someone to really appreciate what you have, that includes the guy in the mirror. Peace, Mac


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