Week 8 –What if you could improve by a little bit each day for 2 years? – I need my guide

Hanell’s exercise of visualising a battleship as a mental image and follow it back to its sources / origin. As a technical person this was such a fun exercise. Seeing how the origin of an inanimate object can be traced back, in the example used, to the voting public and the astounding laws of physics which make it all possible. I ended up looking at the different types of mines, sourcing of the raw material, logistics, infrastructure in the mines and factories, equipment, how the original mining resources were discovered, the establishing of the mining communities and towns, the origin of these companies. The same was considered for the steel manufacturing facilities, and then the shipbuilding yards, the engineering aspects / disciplines of the ship. Then to consider congress / parliament (the wheeling and dealing [no negative thoughts / opinions]), just how do these games get played, then the navy decisions to build the ship, did some general just wake up one morning thinking this is a good idea. Then the general public that voted to elect the government / congress members who debated all of this.

The question to ask in the above exercise is what would have happened if a different fork in the road was taken and how would it have affected the final outcome of the battleship, or would there have been one? Consider the laws of physics and the fork in the road – flotation, electricity, internal combustion engines, etc. An amazing exercise.

Well getting back to lessons from this week. It was just awesome to experience the joy with Mark and Davene when the news of their new home came through. The emotions were palpable and had me in tears, yes I am comfortable with emotion and late at night can be a bit melancholy (the time difference it was past midnight). I can just imagine what it must be like for Mark and the team dealing with all of us and seeing the different transformations in people, and often wishing that more people would take the task more seriously. Mark keeps spurring us on. Thanks.

I have been so encouraged by Wooden’s definition “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did the best to become the best you are capable of becoming” and “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. Jasson’s comment “what if you could improve by a little bit each day for 2 years?” – well I did the math – if I improve by 0.1% a day for two years it means an improvement of 107% (i.e. if my sales improve at 0.1% a day and I start off with 100 a day at the beginning it becomes 207 in 2 years) and what if I improve by 0.5% a day (i.e. the sales of 100 become 3812). This example is based of 365 days a year. It is wakeup time  –  I need my guide and I need to mastermind.

7 thoughts on “Week 8 –What if you could improve by a little bit each day for 2 years? – I need my guide

  1. It will be great when you are looking back at your life like the battleship and wondering the same thing- If I made a different decision when I came to that fork in the road would my life be different? The battleship exercise related so well to us and our own lives. When we achieve our DMP we are going to be able to look back like the Battleship and think deeply on how we got here. I am excited for that day to come! I too experienced joy with Mark and Davene because it made me realize we are going to be at that point where we also get everything we want. I am happy for them and I am happy for all the people in MKMMA!!

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  2. What a great place you are, my head is spinning just considering all that you were able to extrapolate from the exercise.


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