Week 10 – I persist. I win.

Where do I start with this week? I had determined during week 9 to make a concerted effort to catch-up the areas where I was lagging. The week started by having my DMP finalised on Sunday evening. This was followed by a “get to know you” webinar session organised by our guide which resulted in me finding a master minding partner (in another part of the world – amazing). We ended up having master minding twice this week. I was so encouraged when on the 1st November I started reading scroll 3 and “I will persist until I succeed”.

The reference to the a bull being pricked by the picador’s lance is a stark reminder of what life is like, however some of life’s challenges can easily weaken / impact us negatively resulting in us giving up and following the old blue print. But “I will persist. I will win.” The new blue print is coming through. Then listening to my recording and seeing the shapes and the triggers of what they mean is so amazing. There have been times that I can feel some of the new me shining through. This is so exciting, what is it going to be like by week 27. I think some of the new realities will be here and I will be walking in them. I am so glad that I am on this journey and with so many amazing people.

Some times when I read the tweets of the MKMMA group and follow them through to the referenced blogs, I get a glimpse of another MKMMA sojourners life. We may not know each other but we are together. It is so exciting to be part of a group who have chosen to start changing their live and we will change their lives if they adopt the statement of Og Mandino “I persist. I win”.


7 thoughts on “Week 10 – I persist. I win.

    1. Lance, I can see your persistence is paying off for you. I agree with you that we are a part of a great team who gives each other ideas and encouragment. I enjoy reading the blogs and seeing each others accomplishments. Thanks for sharing.


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