Week 11 – Streets of London and Cape Town

Mini DMP on bike
Mini DMP on bike

I started today off with the usual read of Greatest Salesman (scroll 3 – I will persist until I succeed) and the cards. I then went on a bicycle ride through some of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town for 2½ hours. Besides the normal cycle gear (water bottles, spare tubes and the necessary emergency tools) I decided to take my MKMMA friends with me 1) Mini movie poster, 2) Recording (of DMP, written plan of action, personal pivotal needs, etc.) – 12 minutes. The recording is to the soundtrack of Streets Of London -Ralph McTell, another story for later.


The start of the ride
The start of the ride


So all set and ready to go I was reminded of our other affirmation “I Promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature, kindness, smiles, and compliments, which I gladly receive with a thank you”.

View from the top of Chapmen's Peak of Houtbay
View from the top of Chapmen’s Peak of Houtbay

I then made the decision to share some of what I experienced as I covered the exercise and my “me” time. Besides the health aspect of exercise I have found cycling , especially if it is 2 or more hours in length, to be very relaxing and to some extent it does tire the body. As I covered the 50 + kilometres there were many thoughts that entered my mind about the MKMMA programme, I have listed some below

  • My DMP (definite major purpose) goals as I repeated them (on the recording) and feeling the emotion (that with them realised, I would still be wanting to cycle on Saturdays) and looking down at my mini-movie poster (briefly) as each was repeated. So powerful, especially being of service and the helping of other people.
  • The tasks in my written plan of action – the steps that are taking me down the road to achieving the DMP. As I listened to each, a sense of resolution that these activities / tasks are no longer negotiable – they are promises and I always keep mine.
  • I then ended the recording with “I am whole, perfect, strong , powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” – this rocks.
  • I must have listened to the recording 15 times on the ride. Pausing often to take pictures (some of which I have shared here) and also purposefully looking at nature and the people around me. I am truly blessed and privileged. And then to come home to a loving wife and caring family. “I will greet the new sun with confidence that this will be the best day of my life” – Greatest Salesman. What an amazing future lies ahead and it all starts with determination to achieve a Definite Chief Aim (Napoleon Hill).
  • The song “Streets of London” is a metaphor for our guides (this includes the Master Teacher) leading us to my new future without influencing us, but on relooking at the lyrics I realise how privileged we are to have had this experience. I have not been influenced in defining my DMP and WPOA – they are mine. All my guides have done is to ensure I define them clearly.

Well to end this week I was most surprised to receive a card in the mail from my guide yesterday. Sandra’s words of encouragement and suggestions really made me feel very special – Thanks Sandra.

Thanks Mark, Davene, Trish, Derik and Sandra; the faith had in the process is paying off. We are on week 11,this is really going to be amazing.


9 thoughts on “Week 11 – Streets of London and Cape Town

  1. Lance,

    This a a great post verbally with great concepts and gratitude. It is also visually stunning. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your country. Kudos to you for some great work!!



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