In preparing this blog I have reflected on some of the salient points which have specifically impacted me as I have read them. From Hannel – The Master Key- 13

“We have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination preceded action and event that the day of the dreamer has come.”
“only things the dreamer’s make live on”“It explains the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.”

As a person with a scientific / technical background I found these readings fascinating especially when one considers the pressure many of the earlier scientists faced as Hannel refers to the shift from the earth being round and not flat, the earth revolving around the sun, electricity, electricity and its uses. Did their peers see them as mad / dreamers? The section “only things the dreamer’s make live on” really got me thinking. I considered my home and all the appliances, the actual building, the supply of electricity / water, roads, bridges, water storage dams, the discovery of continents, space travel. All of these live on and can be traced back to a “dreamer”, a person who dreamt of or imagined or visualised something different and then embarked upon a journey as a pioneer to discover, design or invent (establishing the cause of an effect / solution). It is clear that none of these changes came about without their fair amount of challenges, but they persisted.

The following points from Og Mandino which got me thinking were

“I never allow any day to end with a failure”
“I do not allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency”
“I persist until I succeed”

The questions which this evoked within me were “How do I apply this to my everyday life, the MKMMA course, the career challenges I have embraced and my family? I do not intend to answer these questions here but they are echoing in my thoughts and head, and dare I say dreams / goals / definite major purpose.

The webinar discussions and training also raised some points.

“Pay attention to the basics – be faithful”
“What will your April 2015 Future self want you to be TODAY? What advice would he / she give you today?”
“Pleasure or priority?”
“Don’t be frivolous with your dream make your sit count.”
“Man can bear almost any HOW, if he has a big enough WHY. Victor Frankel”

The point “Your purpose is too big to be silenced” has really challenged me. I have for a long time believed that each of us is unique and have been designed for a specific purpose, a God purpose. So I choose not to allow my purpose to be silenced knowing that I will have to be a pioneer following the dream I have within and allow my God created /designed purpose to start manifesting. I persist until I succeed.

I persist until I succeed


11 thoughts on “Week 13 – Your purpose is too big to be silenced

  1. Lance, It is easy to see from your post that you are tremendously introspective individual. You ask very cogent questions of the material and yourself. I haven’t been here before but thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will be sure to return. Great stuff ! Kudos to you.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing, Lance!
    I also watched “Door to Door”, a fantastic movie about a fantastic man: Bill Porter.
    I wish you a wonderful and fantastic New Year!


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