Week 19 – Golf, blogging and dyslexia

In week 19, it was as if the flow had stopped. Something was not working and I just could not get my blog written. download (1)After a number of false starts I decided to share the challenge I had been experiencing with my mastermind friend Claes. He then shared a story with me which shed some light on my predicament.

The story he shared was about golf. I thought “Well here we go!” I’m not a golfer even though I have played a few social rounds in the past. Nevertheless, I allowed him to share the story.

I told Claes that one of the contributing factors to my current problem was that I was diagnosed as suffering from dyslexia as a child.  I had attended extra English lessons on a weekly basis to help me through English classes for most of my school career. The irony was that in my case I was good at the mathematics based subjects, which apparently is normal, and occurs in many cases of children with dyslexia. Even though I achieved a university qualification, report writing has always taken a fair amount of effort. It has been easier when tasked with writing on subject matter with which I am well acquainted, but writing blogs did not fall into this category!!

Now for Claes’ story. What Claes, the social golfer who comes from Stockholm – Sweden, has experienced is that during the winter months it is not possible to play golf other that at a driving range, something he does not do . downloadCome the summer months he gets back into the game and finds that the first 5 to 6 games are wonderful; however what he has discovered is that from game 7 it is no longer so enjoyable. The reason is that he starts to think how he can improve on his game and starts to concentrate and focus on certain techniques and aspects of playing a better game. These latter activities produce certain tensions which make the player less relaxed and result in a poorer game. The first 5 to 6 games were far more relaxed.

Now why the story of golf, blogging and dyslexia? Well the suggestion was that I had experienced the same problem with my blogging. To help me sort out this problem, I have decided to share our masterminding discussion as my blog this week.

Overanalysing and overthinking can lead to tension and resistance to writing.


6 thoughts on “Week 19 – Golf, blogging and dyslexia

  1. Kudos to you Lance! You have persisted inspite of the difficulty and that is noble as well as part of your Hero’s Journey! MKMMA has taught us an abudance of how to achieve personal greatness….and you are doing that!


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