Week 21 – Learn Observe Think

This week we focused on understanding Miracles. In the previous month we read in Og Mandino’s – The Greatest Salesman in the World – Scroll IV – “I am nature’s greatest Miracle”. At the end of this month it was clear that we as individuals are unique and that we are indeed miracles.

In part on of the lesson Albert Einstein’s Multiple Choice was presented as “A Life Defining Moment“Albert Eistine

“ There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

At first I panicked as to the correct answer, because my choice was “everything is a miracle”. What a relief that to hear that Albert shared the same view.

We were then told a story about LOT. (No not the one in thge bible). I so enjoyed the acronym LOT, as it is one of the building blocks of the MKMMA course.
L – Learn
O – Observe
T – Think

During the class session we were given a brief physics lesson on the structure of atoms, “an atom is mostly empty space” (Britannica). All physical reality consists of atoms which are mostly empty. So where is the “me” which notices my body, has feelings and has a mind in this empty space? A miracle, Yes!

The second part of the lesson looked at miracles as an “observer”. We have been applying the “Franklin virtue makeover” and have been looking for virtues in others which we want to develop within ourselves. This has been an amazing exercise over the past weeks. We were tasked to recognise the greatness in others by seeing how many occurrences of a specific virtue we could identify per day and within a week. By extending this concept to each person I encounter and viewing them as a miracle, just like me but different and unique, is truly wonderful. The challenge which was given to us early on in the course was to be observers, and from this perspective, to recognise the miracles in others and of each person being an individual miracle.

In the third part of the lesson, Trish shared the story of her 5 year old son [Note that Trish’s family were not church goers nor had they discussed God previously]. He said to her out of the blue one day “Mommy, I think I know what God is.” He then continued “God is everything”. A wonderful observation by young child and an insight to the Biblical reference to God “I am”.images

There really is no going back. I am in my hero’s journey. I am heralding myself to continue. Yes it may not be easy, but who wants easy when you know that to grow you need to be stretched – this is what we have been experiencing from day one. To expect growth without experiencing stretch / discomfort and even failure is ignorance an illusion and a lie. As infants since we started crawling we knew deep down that to grow we would experience stretch / discomfort and even failure. So who sold us on the lie? Am I applying LOT?

I conclude with the affirmation we have been repeating for a couple of weeks now “what I am pretending not to know?”


2 thoughts on “Week 21 – Learn Observe Think

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lance, you have really helped me today. We all need to remember this is a journey and occasionally we fall down. We can lay on the floor and wail or get up with a smile and carry on. Babies instinctively know to get up, so why as adults do we sometimes forget? Great post.


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