In the week 22 training we were encouraged to go away for 3 days – 72 hours and in this time to disengage from ALL social media and communication and be silent. This was two weeks ago today. Due to other prior commitments and a desire to at least enter into this time of silence I planned a Friday 12:00 to Saturday 16:00. The next matter was where to go? On Thursday morning I thought of a campsite less than an hour away, but they were fully booked. My dear wife took pity on me and made a reservation for me at a secluded guest house near the beach the Thursday night. Feelings of unworthiness kicked in (previous blog – stretching comfort zone – I accepted the kindness).

Come Friday the 13th. I was wide awake by 3:30 with a deep desire to wrap up my blog – week 22, which I did. I completed the last work commitments packed my bags, picked up a few supplies and I was off.

I should probably preface this paragraph and say I am a Christian and believe in a God who desires to have a relationship with each of us. Leading up to my silence breakaway a number of daily readings have been talking about
Can You Hear Me Now? Series
– God wants to speak to you
– Hurry is a Barrier to Hearing God
– One Barrier to Hearing God Speak is Resistance
– Sometimes God Speaks By Saying Nothing
– Do You Want to Hear from God?

Adding to this the Hannel;
22. 28. For your exercise this week concentrate on Tennyson’s beautiful lines “Speak to Him, thou, for He hears, and spirit with spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” Then try to realize that when you do “Speak to Him” you are in touch with Omnipotence. – Note: the exercise is referring to a daily silence time of at least 15 minutes which we have been doing since the beginning of the course.

I then remembered Psalm 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”


So off I was on my journey to silence, mobile switched off and family informed that I would be in touch late Saturday afternoon. I had decided to listen to some songs by the group Casting Crowns on the way and once there review the section of the webcast to clearly understand the exercise.

On my journey (45 minutes) one of the songs I listened to was “Thrive” and the lyrics “It’s time for us to do more than survive – We were made to Thrive” resonated within me. And then the next song “Just be held” and the lyrics “Stop holding on” also resonated and reminded me of one of our earlier webinars of letting go what we no longer need. I realised that I need to start letting go of old patterns and habits and start thriving. Was this the beginning of my crossing the abyss in the hero’s journey?

On arrival at the accommodation I listened to the webcast, shut down the PC, packed away the reading I was planning to do, read Og – Scroll 6 “Today I will be master of my emotions” and decided to have a power nap.

I then locked up and went for a walk to  find a qu20150313_173107ite spot on the rocks overlooking the ocean. On the way I passed many penguins and found a secluded spot and just sat in silence. The wind was howling, white horses on the ocean, penguins and birds hiding on the leeward side of rocks to get out of the wind and here I sat on top of a rock experiencing the full force of the wind in silence. Exhilarated by the force and a sense that thoughts were being blown out of my mind and relaxing and allowing times of complete void of thoughts. I brought one or two of my MDPs to mind and started deconstructing it like we did the battleship some weeks earlier. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion as the deconstruction just confirmed my personal pivotal need for Legacy (particularly empowering and liberating people). The force of the wind buffeting me made me so aware of nature, creation and its power. This brought to mind Og’s chapter “I am nature’s greatest miracle” and the sentence “extending the miracle of my birth”. It was as if the wind, the emotions and watching nature had shut out the rest of the world and I was in another place.

After a supper I went back out and sat against a rock watching the night start pushing in and the penguins finding their roosting. It was amazing – silence and little thought and more silence. I wrote up three gratitude and one kicker cards. I turned in early in a state of silence, peace, exhilaration, relaxation and so grateful that I did not have to pitch a tent in the howling wind and hold on to it all night. I stirred a few times in the night and the thoughts that came to mind varied from Thrive, legacy, ….. but there was such a sense of silence and peace.

I awoke with a start realising it was getting light and wanting to see the sunrise, the silence and p20150314_071856eace persisted. I dressed and shot out the accommodation, just to confront two penguins who were also heading out, having spent the night in their nest next to my accommodation. I was thrilled. I headed out and found some rocks on which to just sit and be silent. The wind was gone, the beginning of a hot day. As I sat in silence listening to the waves, watching the penguins coming back from their swim / feeding and the birds perching on rocks, I was reminded of Earth – the blue planet in the cosmos. And again extending the miracle of my birth came to mind.

Unfortunately at breakfast I had to break the silence and place my order and be courteous (kindness) aft20150314_152106er a delicious coffee, orange juice and egg Benedict. I packed up handed in my key and headed out knowing I needed to find shade and seclusion. Amazingly a portion of land up against the mountain not far from where I had been was being cleared of alien bush. I ventured up the hill and some 100 meters up found a shady spot I could spend the rest of the day, awesome provision.

I collected lunch (my provisions), Greatest Salesman, flash cards and writing material and headed back up the hill – I ended up having lunch and using two flash cards to make some notes.

I kept the words “you will know what to do” in mind as the day unfolded. I spent the day enjoying nature, relaxing and sitting silently. The peace and tranquility and nature were just wonderful. In the last hour I made a few notes and ended the time with a deep sense of gratitude and a silence that was going back with me.

3 thoughts on “Week 22A – SILENCE

  1. Lance, unbelivable! You’re an incredible wirter! I was facinated by reading your silence experience, thank you for sharing that!! Funny, i just asked you today on the call about it, and now i ended up reading this post. Really happy to get to know you better!


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