Week 24 – Imitation is Suicide

Writing this blog is the drawing to a close of a 26 week exercise that I willingly entered into with an expectation of getting to know myself better and embarking on a more determined future. In my first blog I described it as a worm going into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. Little did I know that the course would discuss the analogy as the Heroes Journey(Joseph Campbell)  which is a more powerful analogy with which we as people can identify.

The ending of the course is actually not an ending but a graduation. Yes we have not just been exposed to information, principles and data but have through the programme already assimilated a number of life changing exercises, principles, processes, a number of which have become habits. The material has exposed me to Og Mandino, Hanimages1nel, Napolean Hill, Emmerson and various other teachers including a number from the TEDx conferences.images3

In some ways this has been a journey requiring faith, trust and home work. The homework was really working on “Me” and the exercises but a tool to facilitate change within me. A mental / mind boot camp could be an apt analogy for me. Honestly there were times I considered quitting.

The person I am today is very different to me 26 weeks ago. I know I have started changing, my family can see a change and I know there is more to come. The analogy I draw now is that the seed has sprouted and has broken the surface and has started to grow. I have been given the tools and support systems to nurture the seed to full growth and fruit bearing. This has been achieved by beginning and developing new habits. The mastermind alliances that are already in place, support systems of new friends and access to the future programs will continue to strengthen the plant as it grows. Most importantly I am developing self-reliance with the knowledge that I can chart the unknown future with confidence. I am in touch with the real me and I am extending the miracle of my birth into the miracle of my life.

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-RelianceImage result for cheering

As I have written this it is with much gratitude Mark, Davene, Trish, Derik, Sandra and Claes for your support and continual encouragement, and patience.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Self Reliance.

And I have to end with this one;

“Envy is ignorance,
Imitation is Suicide.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

2 thoughts on “Week 24 – Imitation is Suicide

  1. Outstanding summary Lance. It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to have met you through the MKMMA, and I believe you are destined for great things in South Africa. You are a truly honourable man and I look forward to hearing how your journey unfolds. Thank you for your appreciation and I trust you will accept appreciation in return for your unwavering strength and determination to overcome. Bravo and Mahalo Lance.


  2. Lance, you did a great job summarizing this incredible 26 week journey. It has been an honor getting to know you and sharing with you during our MKMMA journey together. You have persisted and have come out the Victor. Hold fast to your Dreams and your DMP. I hope we can stay connected as we go forward in our self directed journey. Live the good LIFE! Joe


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