Every week I am blown away with the relevance of the information provided to us in the Master Keys experience. At first glance it can appear a bit overwhelming, but I need to keep in mind that I am building a new me “today I begin a new life” (Og Mandino).

This week we were shown that our subconscious is making decisions based on the Risk-to-Reward-Ratio the scientific term is the Limbic system, the part of the brain that evaluates the reward potential of judgement calls, which is “pre-set” by our existing values. To shift this “Intention-Method” dynamic and learning how to create new methods “shifts” the “evaluation of judgement calls”. This is when I realised that to achieve the desires I have recorded in my DefiniteEnthusiasim Major Purpose I need to engage all the exercises as they have been designed to pepper my subconscious and Limbic system 24/7. I can’t help to hear Mark’s voice resonating through my head “faithfulness with unbridled enthusiasm”.
The risk component still wants to hold me back, but when I realise that with honesty I have selected Liberty and Legacy as my personal pivotal needs a peace arrives and encourages me to push in and give my 100%.

I really felt comforted and encouraged when Mark shared his experience of needing to do Burpees and the struggle he went through when he started and now he can do 15 at a time just like the pros. The encouragement is that we all need to start somewhere and that the starting point does not define our final outcome. So I must not Judge but observe and take ACTION. Do it now, do it now, do it now, ………


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