Press Release

Part 1 – 30 January 2017

Today we are meeting with Lance Botha a philanthropist who, quietly in his own way has been part of a group of business men and woman impacting the disadvantaged in society and enabling them to break free from their self-limiting beliefs. This group of people have not only impacted South Africa but wherever their businesses have a footprint, are impacting societies. Lance and his wonderful wife Denise live in Cape Town. Their two children a medical doctor and an engineer have both recently graduated and are creating their own lives.

On arrival at their home we are greeted by Lance and his warm bubbly smile. He is easy going and welcoming. We are ushered into the house through their modestly furnished home with beautiful old wooden furniture in the lounge. He introduces us to Denise who graciously welcomes us to her home and suggests that we sit outside as the afternoon is mild for January in Cape Town. We are taken through a small but modern kitchen (I note the gas stove and beautiful granite work surfaces) onto the patio overlooking the tranquil luscious back garden and pool. We are offered something to drink; obviously I have a glass of white wine and our photographer settles for a coke.

After some small talk and establishing that he trained as an engineer and had started a couple of small businesses with varying success, I ask Lance when the big change happened. He sits back crosses his hand behind his head, looks me in the eye and says

“Well XXXXX it is not so easy to pinpoint as there have been a number of small events that probably contributed to the final outcome. However, if I have to choose one I would say it was more of a catalyst; it would be the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. It was more of a process which began in September 2014, with a duration of 27 weeks which set in motion the process – the outcome of which you see today The MKMMA helped crystallise and distil within me a deep desire to leave a legacy and the process enabled me to have the freedom to work with people in cross cultural teams.”

Sitting forward he says “…….


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